Day 12: The Bushman

6am: Up, packed, vehicle loaded, and out of Roy’s Camp, all before sunrise. With breakfast packed in the truck we were off to meet the Bushman. We followed the kiwis in their vehicle for a decent drive down a gravel road and then off onto a soft dirt track into the bushman land. …and like a Bledisloe match we ate their dust the whole way.

I’ve run out of superlatives to describe what we’ve seen so far and the Bushman deserve them all. Such a friendly, happy, innovative and genuine people.


They demonstrated how they make fire (took about 2min)…


…how they hunt…


…how to make a bird trap (<5min)... 20140621-000434-274641.jpg

…what berries are edible…


…and what bushes they use to make poison for their arrows.

Before we left they performed some traditional dances, the last of which to say goodbye and thank you.

After we left the Bushman (“San people” or “Saan”) we dropped back in at Roy’s Camp to grab our packed lunches and headed west to Etosha.


I’m mildly concerned about my memory card situation. I brought a lot with me; what I thought was overkill just to be on the safe side. 192gb in CF cards and a handful of SD cards as backup. But I’ve also shot a lot (including memory-hungry video). I’ve filled both 32gb CF cards and I’m down to <200 shots remaining on one of the 64gb cards. I have one more empty 64gb CF card. When that's full I'm onto the SD cards (of which I'm already halfway through one of the 64gb cards because I filled a CF card while shooting the mating leopards on night two; thankfully the 5D can hold two cards so I didn't have to change while on the vehicle in the dark). Anyway, back to my mild concern. If you're reading this you've got a fair idea of how much game we've already seen, yet Clive has mentioned a couple of times now that we haven't seen anything yet, and he expects to see smoke coming out of my camera before we leave Etosha. Apparently the next four days at the Etosha NP will trump everything we've seen in the past 11 days. I honestly don't know how that's possible. Even if it's 10% as good as Sabi Sabi then it'll be a great end to the trip.


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