Day 15: Etosha – Lions on the pan

Up at 5am (no point sleeping in with only three days to go, right?).

Game drive starting at 6:15am. We were in the vehicle and at the gate at 6:26am. It was meant to open at 6:24am so we gave them a hurry-up and headed out for our last full day of game viewing in Etosha.

The highlight of the drive was seeing the aftermath of a lion kill out on the pan. Good to see lions again (two females and a young male) but they were a long way out on the pan, so getting any decent photos wasn’t really possible. Through binoculars with far longer reach than our camera lenses, Anne thought it was probably a springbok that had been killed (and was now being devoured by the male lion, with jackals, pied crows and vultures waiting for the scraps). Ostrich, wildebeest, and zebra could also be seen out on the pan in the distance and oryx grazed in the grassland surrounding the pan.




Back for breakfast at 9am and after some more perfectly fried eggs and bacon, and another bowl of fruit and yoghurt, we strolled down to the waterhole to see if we had any morning visitors.

Zebra … too many to count. Had to be over 100. So hard to take it all in. Herds leaving the waterhole in single-file as far as the eye could see; herds heading towards the waterhole in similar numbers. It’s possible I accidentally took two malaria tablets this morning and I’m starting to hallucinate.






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