Revisiting the Milky Way

The inspiration for this post came from two sources.  The first was a blog post from Scott Kelby earlier this year titled “It’s “Reprocess your old images” Tuesday” and the second was a Michael Shainblum tutorial I just found on 500px ISO about how to process a Milky Way photo.  In a nutshell, Scott was going back over some of his old photos and reprocessing them with his latest tools, preferences and experience, and Michael’s tutorial was a brilliantly simple Lightroom CC workflow for editing Milky Way photos.

I took this photo of the Milky Way near Bryce Canyon while travelling through America back in 2012.  The Before photo shows a jpeg export of the unedited RAW file and the After photo is my original edit after I got back from the trip.  At the time I was pretty happy with what I ended up with, as it was my first ever attempt at photographing the Milky Way.


I had seen so many spectacular Milky Way photos since then and mine was beginning to look flat and uninspiring in comparison. I assumed it was mostly due to my technique to capture the image but I was still keen to go back and re-edit it to try and improve it.  Michael’s free tutorial gave me the motivation and after watching his video I ended up with this (Before is original edit and After is today’s edit)…

I love it!


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