Twitcher’s Ton #3 – Part 3: Heading West

Over halfway through our birding Big Day and the tally was at a healthy 111 birds (90 from the coast and another 21 at Kumbartcho and on the mountain). The rain and fog was also […]

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Twitcher’s Ton #3 – Part 2: Over the mountain

[9:45am] 90 bird species seen or heard already. Cappuccinos and iced teas filling all available cup holders in the car. Multiple toasted ham and cheese croissants ready to be devoured. The coastal section of our […]

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Twitcher’s Ton #3 – Part 1: The Coast

Birding Big Day #3 – Saturday, May 13th 2017 As the eBird Big Day date rolled around again this year, Steve and I decided to have another crack at finding 100+ bird species in one […]

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Twitcher’s Ton #2

Big Day #2 – our second attempt to see (and where possible, photograph) 100 bird species in a day – the Twitcher’s Ton. Wednesday, Dec 30th 2015. Guest post (mostly) by Steven Pratt Take two. […]

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Twitcher’s Ton #1

Big Day #1 – an attempt to see (and where possible, photograph) 100 bird species in a day – the Twitcher’s Ton. Sunday, Nov 15th 2015. Guest post by Steven Pratt [4:00am] Up at 4am […]

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Red-backed Fairy Wren

I had one of my best mornings of bird photography on Sunday morning; possibly best ever. Although I must say, it’s tough to beat a day in Namibia when you see ostriches, Lilac-breasted rollers, secretary […]

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Revisiting the Milky Way

The inspiration for this post came from two sources.  The first was a blog post from Scott Kelby earlier this year titled “It’s “Reprocess your old images” Tuesday” and the second was a Michael Shainblum […]

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Day 17: Desert Tour with Tommy

For the first time in 17 days … a later start. I was still up at 6am but had plenty of time for breakfast and to enjoy the view up the Atlantic coast before we […]

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Day 16: Heading west to the Skeleton Coast

Another early morning (up at 5am) after an unusually late night (captivated by the rhinos at the waterhole and reviewing photos in bed afterwards). I also went for a walk down to the waterhole at […]

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Day 15: Etosha – Elephant & Rhino Awe

Out again for another game drive at 10:30am. Nailed some in-flight photos of a Greater Kestrel. Back for lunch at 1pm. Elephant herd at the waterhole after lunch, 33 strong!! Now I’m convinced that one […]

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