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Twitcher’s Ton #3 – Part 3: Heading West

Over halfway through our birding Big Day and the tally was at a healthy 111 birds (90 from the coast and another 21 at Kumbartcho and on the mountain). The rain and fog was also […]

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Twitcher’s Ton #3 – Part 2: Over the mountain

[9:45am] 90 bird species seen or heard already. Cappuccinos and iced teas filling all available cup holders in the car. Multiple toasted ham and cheese croissants ready to be devoured. The coastal section of our […]

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Twitcher’s Ton #3 – Part 1: The Coast

Birding Big Day #3 – Saturday, May 13th 2017 As the eBird Big Day date rolled around again this year, Steve and I decided to have another crack at finding 100+ bird species in one […]

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