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Twitcher’s Ton #3 – Part 3: Heading West

Over halfway through our birding Big Day and the tally was at a healthy 111 birds (90 from the coast and another 21 at Kumbartcho and on the mountain). The rain and fog was also […]

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Twitcher’s Ton #3 – Part 1: The Coast

Birding Big Day #3 – Saturday, May 13th 2017 As the eBird Big Day date rolled around again this year, Steve and I decided to have another crack at finding 100+ bird species in one […]

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Twitcher’s Ton #2

Big Day #2 – our second attempt to see (and where possible, photograph) 100 bird species in a day – the Twitcher’s Ton. Wednesday, Dec 30th 2015. Guest post (mostly) by Steven Pratt Take two. […]

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Red-backed Fairy Wren

I had one of my best mornings of bird photography on Sunday morning; possibly best ever. Although I must say, it’s tough to beat a day in Namibia when you see ostriches, Lilac-breasted rollers, secretary […]

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Day 10: Dusk cruise on Guma Lagoon

Lunch: Tuna quiche and salad. More fresh bread. Afternoon tea: More coffee, more cake (chocolate cake with coffee cream icing). We still seem to be continuously eating. At around 4:30pm we were waterborne again, cruising […]

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Day 10: Mokorros

Slept-in even longer today … 5am. 7am breakfast. 8am met our mokorros (canoe) polers and silently pushed off through the reeds and into the delta. A nice change of pace from the game viewing. We […]

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Day 8: Chobe (Part 2)

The rest of the Chobe River cruise…

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Day 8: Chobe

Words can’t describe the events of this afternoon. In short, we went on a boat cruise up the Chobe River – a game cruise, instead our usual game drives. I won’t even try to describe […]

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Day 3: Last game drive at Sabi Sabi

Sabi Sabi, I take my hat off to you. An unbelievable couple of days. One more early morning game drive on Day 3 before we pack up and drive to Forest Lodge at the foot […]

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